About us

On 2005 Mrs Paola Alimonti, a patry chef, opened her little candy shop: Dolcezze del Parco.

When after four years, she invented her cake, the Torta del Lupo, she understood that her passion for cooking was very strong and decided to record the brand of the cake at the Ufficio Brevetti in italy to allow that the Torta del Lupo became her flagship product.

The Torta del Lupo is a cake that represent the handcrafted art and it gives voice to Pretoro, thel little town where the cake takes name and inspiration.

Indeed in Pretoro, every first Sunday of May, the ancient tradition of the place celebrates the miracle of San Domenico and the Wolf. 

The story tells about a child kidnapped by a wolf while his parents are in the forest  looking for wood. Thanks to the prayers of the parents The Holy Domenico pacifies the wolf and brings the child back home.


The Torta del Lupo commemorates the beautiful mediaval town and its historic symbol, the Wolf of the Majella.